tell me something true

monochromactic men.
littererally, all one color.
his hair, skin and sweater.

his head in my neck.
like instinct.
how did he know?

people don’t usually do that.
people don’t usually know what they want.

they don’t usually come up to you,
staring at you wide eyed saying,
we need to know each other.

not when you’ve never met them before,
not even, often, when you’ve met them a thousand times.

i met him on the corner.
small leather jacket wearing boys.
hands in our pockets.
in the pockets of our past.

like finding treasures from last winter.
like lives we forgot were our own.

feeling so far away.
yelling across the street.
waving across time.

i forgot you then, but i remember you now.
if only for a moment.
if a moment could scatter it’s self throughout time.

how cruel.

a moment without a home.

no place to rest.
no destination.

just meant to teach.
meant to connect.

people to people.
hearts to hearts.

we need to know each other.

when you know you know, you know?
eyes set. mind set. heart set.

but beware.
i know the way the knowing goes.
i know the things you will believe.
and i know the way my senses wander.

from him to you to i’ve already forgotten.

i’m talking to everyone at once.
a room full of people i’ve talked to before,
except you.

the only person talking to me not because you know who i am,
but because you want to.
not because you can say my name three times fast.
not because this is a game of jinx.

too cold in my bedroom.
have to blast the heat.
and then so hott.

my nail polish crumbles.
my hair knots.

i watch boys in bands pretending they don’t know me.
bowl cuts and rosy cheeks.
i stare at everyones teeth.

don’t go, lets run off into the darkness and turn to cement together.
where did you come from? i think.
calgary he answers.

i’ve been trying to write this story for a week.
can’t articulate.

want to be like a slug.
not moving only watching.


want to be like a hurricaine.
dangerous but you can’t look away.

hair everywhere.
lights so hott.
feel so fertile.
like so young,
like so happy actually.

somebody tell me something I’ve never been told before.

not a word I know.
not a reason to roll my eyes.
tell me something true.

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